About Library

Library is the threshold for knowledge. Our Library has enlightened a number of students.

The Library of C.Kandaswami Naidu College was established in the year 1967 with 2500 A separate building was constructed and Mr. Baburao a member of parliament had funded 20 lakhs for the construction of the New Library Building in the year 2006-2007.

Nearly 33583 books are accessible, covering all disciplines and the library subscribes 30 national and international journals. It also avail 25 magazines and five leading newspapers. There are 660 back issue journals in our library.

Future Vision

Our Vision is to improve the knowledge of the users by effective utilizing the timely updated resources through the innovations of the Information Technology and to facilitate the user’s satisfaction through high quality service.

Library Working Hours

The library is actively functioning form 9.00 a.m to 5.30 p.m for the transaction and references of its user.

Faculty members of the Library

Dr.Mrs.A.Anbu Jeba Malar

M.A, M.L.I.Sc, M.Phil, PGDLAN, SET, Ph.D



Library Assistant

Library Services

C.K.N.C Library is kept open on all the working days from 9.00a.m to 5.30 p.m. The library is open access library and presently occupies an area of 2500 and has a seating capacity of 75 in number. We used to have 1660 visitors per month to the library and about 648 books are issued/renewed and about 500 books are returned. The library caters to the needs of P.G students (Research scholars from outside) faculties and staff of the college. The library provides long range reference service, short range reference services to the users such as : current awareness services, Selective Dissemination of Information, subject bibliography and ask a Librarian Service also.

Library also extends its facilities to the students and faculties of other colleges in Cuddalore city and as well as our users are referring the Pondicherry university library. Library operations are partially computerized for books circulation. Provisions are being made to provide internet access to our library users so as to enable them to access the various e-journals,e-books,e-newspapers,e-magazines and the various learning eresources available in the academic websites.


The library has recently created a new section “Study Room Book Section” for catering the needs of those students who want to read Text book in the library. Textbooks recommended by the concerned faculty members or students of different courses are kept in the Study Room Collection. These books can be issued in the library during the examination days through Special Issue Scheme. In exceptional cases, only one book can be issued to a student against identity card for an overnight, to be returned the next day by 2 PM.

Outside Visitors

Outside visitors from other educational institution will be permitted with valid ID card and the request from head of institution. They will be allowed to use the library only for reference. They have to contact Librarian.


ALUMNUS are permitted only for reference on production of Alumnus ID card.

Digital Library

At present C.K.N.C Library has number of open access e-journals, e-books, CD’s along with books acquired for the library. Separate Multimedia section is available to the users for effective use of audio visual resources in the library.

Software for visually handicapped

Chrome Vis is a Google chrome extension that magnifies any selected text on a web page. This magnified text is displayed inside with a separate lens and preserves the original page layout. Users can change both the lens text colours and the lens back ground colour.

Librarian helps the visually handicapped students for searching anything in the website through this ChromeVis. To magnify the text in the website we are using the following free softwares : Magnifying Glass, Desktop zoom, Moo0 magnifier, Virtual magnifying Glass portable, Magnifixer, OneLoupe, Able Opus see Sharp, 1 Click Zoom, Ezmagnifire, u Toolbox Magnifier Tool, Super Magnifier, Zoomit, CIZoom, Dragnifire, Virtual Magnifying Glass.

Collections details in the Library

Particulars Numbers
Number of Books 33,583
Number of Journals and Magazines 45
Number of News Papers 5
Number of Dictionaries 242
Number of Encyclopedias 149
Number of CDs 24
Number of Back volumes 546
Book Bank 366
Open Access Journals 100+
No of Reference Books(General) 500
No of Maps 45
Donated Copies 735

The following are the various grants to our Library

S.No Grant Available No of books
1 Special Grant 556
2 Development Grant 3483
3 Basic Grant 2517
4 UGC Grant 4095
5 Special Fees 22566
6 Book Bank 366
TOTAL 33583