Principal Message

Message By Principal

I have much faith in the old saying that “if you take one step forward before god, He will take ten steps towards you”.

The closer you go to the omnipotent the more and more pleasure you derive. With this in mind, if you take a true and wholesome decision to help the deserving downtrodden people any hindrance on your journey will not deter you from your faith. On your March towards your goal, even a monsterous disturbance by the evil forces will be kept far away. This, I am sure, will be accepted by one and all.

With the student population, we are directly dealing now, I have found out that pure love and affection showered on them will be reciprocated and we can conquer them easily and win their hearts. In this mundane world, they should not be misguided by the vindictive elements.

The students should be treated as blossoming flowers and handled in a very mild and careful way. The motherly touch, a soothing word, a small probe in to their grievances and immediate redressel of the same will bring solace. They should be moulded in their students’ life.

They should respect the laws of the nation and abide by them. The constitution of India drafted by Dr. Ambadkar and dedicated to the Nation is the Holy Bible, Holy Kuran, and the Holy Bhagavad Geetha for them.

The nation expects much more from the students and youth. Their loyalty and dedicated service to humanity will be recorded and rewarded. I wish them good luck in their venture.